Weekly outline

  • General

  • 7 September - 13 September

    Hand out Books.  Hand out Cows to get registered with Mcgraw/hill.

    To register click HERE.  The code you need is 47CF-HKCF-4GTA-K3VJ-DNRD (should work for 2018 - 2019)

    Familiarize with the website, assignments for Chapter 1 are ready to begin.

    Chapter 1.1 PPT slides are at the bottom.  Tuesday we will go through slides 1 - 11 and discuss.  

    Code Academy

    Java Tutorial

    IPhone app coding tutorials

    Khan Academy Computer Science

    Khan Academy Computer Programming

    Wednesday personal tutor 1.1

    Friday's assignment -

    Watch Galloping Gertie

    Go to the lab and work on chapter 1 assignments

  • 21 September - 27 September

    Use this link to download the proper Java Development Kit for your Mac book

    Use this link to download eclipse

    Java Students show me the Hello World