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  • Unit 11: Weathering

    Unit 11: Weathering

    Ch. 10

    Day 1-March 10                     Notes: 10.1 Weathering, Ch. 10.1 Guided Worksheet

                                                    Homework: Ch. 10.1 Guided Worksheet, Ch. 10.1 Main IDEA


    Day 2-March 11                     Notes: 10.2 Rates of Weathering, Weathering DEMO

                                                    Homework: 10.2 Guided Reading WS, Ch. 10.2 Main IDEA


    Day 3-March 12                      Engineering Lab: Rock Weathering Machine

                                                    Homework: Complete blue-prints of machine


    Day 4-March 13                    Engineering Lab: Rock Weathering Machine

                                                    Homework: Graph (Amount of Weathering vs. Cost)


    Day 5-March 16    `               Notes: 10.3 & 10.4 Soil Conservation

                                                    Homework: 10.3 & 10.4 Worksheet, 10.3 & 10.4 Main IDEA


    Day 6-March 17                    Movie: The Dust Bowl, Test Review

                                                    Homework: Study for Ch. 10 Test!

    Day 7- March 18                 Ch. 10 test

                                                 Homework: Ch. 11 Vocab