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  • General

      Welcome to Biology I. I hope you have a great year and to help with that this site has some amazing stuff. You can find notes, assignments, labs, and anything else that is pertinent to the classroom. I can't wait to meet everyone and hope you have the best learning experience of your high school career!

  • Unit 8: Genetics

    Biology I Unit Outline

    Textbook: Chapter 10

    Important Dates: Jan 29 – Unit Test

    Day 1  Jan. 22             Sexual Reproduction Notes

                                        Homework: Meiosis Practice Sheet


    Day 2  Jan. 23             Meiosis Notes, Meiosis Practice Sheet

                                        Homework: Read 10-1


    Day 3  Jan. 24             Meiosis Video: Crash Course, Meiosis Mini-lab

                                        Homework: Re-read 10-1


    Day 4  Jan. 25             Mendelian Genetics Notes, Video: Genes and Heredity (Montage)

                                        Homework: Catch up on any missing work


    Day 5  Jan. 28             Probability and Punnet Square Notes, Punnet Square Practice Sheet



    Day 6  Jan. 29             Punnet Square (Monohybrid Lab and Dihybrid Lab)                       

                                          Homework: Finish Lab Worksheets


    Day 7  Jan. 30             “Having a Child Lab”

                                        Homework: Finish “Having a Child Lab”


    Day 8  Jan. 31             Ch. 10.3 Notes: Gene Linkage, Review Sheet

                                        Homework: STUDY!


    Day 9  Feb. 1           Test Ch. 10

                                        Homework: Ch. 11 vocab

  • Unit 9: Advanced Genetics

    Unit 9: Advanced Genetics

    Textbook: Chapter 10.3, 11.2, 11.3, 13.1                  



    Day 1   Feb. 3              Notes: Ch. 10.3 Gene Linkage

                                        Homework: Gene Linkage Practice Sheet, Main IDEA 10.3


    Day 2   Feb. 6              Notes: 13.1 Applied Genetics

                                        Homework: Applied Genetics Practice Sheet, Main IDEA 13.1


    Day 3   Feb. 7             Lab: Select Crosses “Punnet Squares”

                                        Homework: Finish Lab


    Day 4   Feb. 8              Video: Dogs by Design (Nova), Video Worksheet

                                        Homework: Catch up on any missing work


    Day 5   Feb. 9              Notes: 11.2 Dominance and Human Genes                                                                                                                                                                        Homework: Human Genetics Practice Sheet, Main IDEA 11.2


    Day 6   Feb. 10              Pedigree Lab: Human Genetics            

                                           Homework: Finish Lab, Study for Test


    Day 7   Feb.13             ABO Blood Typing Lab

                                        Homework: Study for Test


    Day 8   Feb. 14            Ch. 10.3, 11.2 & 13.1 Test

                                        Homework: Ch. 12 Vocab                


    Day 9   Feb. 15            Test Corrections, Movie: Designer Babies