Weekly outline

  • Health April 30th-May 11th

    Assignments & Assessments entered into Skyward for the Unit.

    • Unit Test
    • Brain Handout Worksheet
    • Current Health Magazine Choices
    • Extra Credit Opportunity
    • Cancer Packet

    Monday April 30th- Section 11.3 Overview.  Section overview #'s 1-8 In class.  Think pair share.  Brain reading.  Brain Worksheet

    Tuesday May 1st- Brain Nat. Geo Video.

    Wednesday May 2nd- Pg. 609.  Cancer overviews. Handout Cancer Packet

    Thursday May 3rd-   Respiratory WorksheetRespiratory Worksheet (ANSWER KEY).  Pg. 614 (Chronic diseases) Asthma & Allergies.  Asthma PPT.  Go over 1-7 pg. 619. Continue to work on Cancer Packet.

    Friday May 4th- pg. 548-563 understanding infectious diseases.  Think pair share in groups.  Main points from each section in groups.  

    Monday May 7th- Current Health Magazine (Choices)

    Tuesday May 8th:  Current Health Magazine (Choices) 2nd half

    Wednesday May 9th: Finish up Current Health Magazine (Choices) Work on extra credit opportunity.  Review over Respiratory WorksheetRespiratory Worksheet (ANSWER KEY)

    Thursday May 10th:  Unit Test . Open Book test.  Hand in books, finish up any late assignments.  Finish any current health left over.

    Friday May 11th:  Human Machine Video.