Topic outline

  • Topic 27

    Feb 26 - March 2


    Specific Heat Lab


    Thermal Energy/Thermodynamics Vocab Review

    Specific Heat Problems


    Specific HEat Problems


    Thermodynamics Test

    Assignment: 1File: 1
  • Topic 28

    March 5-9

    Mon-Wed  JUNKYARD Theromos:  STEM Project

    Thurs-Friday Spring Break

  • Topic 29

    Monday: Ch 11 Waves and SHM Pendulums and Springs

    Tuesday: Releasing your Potential:  SHM Activity

    Wed: Releasing your potential II: Phet Lab

    Thurs: Releasing your potential Phet Lab

    Friday:UTEXAS SHM


    Tues: UTEXAS SHM

  • Topic 37

    Mon- Making Stuff Faster

    Tues: Ch 18 Electric Circuits  w/ Vocab Terms

    Wed Ch 18 Electric CIrcuits

    Thurs CH 18 Phet Lab  Open Closed CIrcuits

    Fri Ch 18 Phet Lab Open CLosed Circuits

    May 15-19

    Mon- Friday Physics Project Research

    May 22-24

    Mon-Wed Project Presentations

    May 25-June 1

    Monday: James Watt

    Tues: Series circuits

    Wed Series/ Paralell Circuits

    Thurs Phet Series Parallel Circuits

    Fri Phet Series Parallel Circuits

    Mon Electric Motors

    Tues Electric Motors

    Wed Ch Review

    Thurs Ch Test