Topic outline

  • Topic 29

    3-11- 3-15

    Monday: Ch 11 Waves and SHM Pendulums and Springs

    Tuesday: Releasing your Potential:  SHM Activity

    Wed: Releasing your potential II: Phet Lab

    Thurs: Releasing your potential Phet Lab

    Friday:UTEXAS SHM


    Tues: UTEXAS SHM

  • Topic 30

    Monday:  Lets do the wave : activity

    Tuesday:  Ch 11 WS vocab terms and Harmonics

    Wed: Lets do the wave II

    THurs: LEts do the wave II writeup/ UTEXAS CH 11 WAVES

    Friday:  Ch 11 Vocab Quiz Waves and Harmonics / UTEXAS CH 11 Waves

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