Weekly outline

  • September 5th- September 8th

    Welcome Back! Rules and Folders are the first order of business in the art room. Everybody gets a syllabus and makes a folder to keep their stuff in. If you need help, let me know! The first week is about getting back into the swing of school, so easy first assignments.

    Art 7/8 - Name design will be due on Monday (9/11). Name in bubble letters filled with designs, and the background filled with drawings of 10 things you like or enjoy doing. Please make your list on the back, so I know what your 10 items are! Make it colorful and creative!!

    Art 1 - We are going to do the same as the Art 7/8 class. Name design assignment listed below. Due Monday (9/11)

    Advanced Art - outline of the shadow of your head, filled with your thoughts rattleing around in your skull. Give me at least 10 ideas/thoughts in a creative way fitting into the outline of your heads shadow. No due date yet!

  • September 11th - September 15th

    The first full week in the art room! We will be busy making some ART this week!!!

    Art 7/8 - We begin our quarter with an artist that almost everybody has heard of - Pablo Picasso! He was a very interesting man who drew/painted some pretty wacky looking people! Biography's and word searches were handed out on Monday and the word searches are due on Wednesday (9/13). Quiz on his biography is on Friday (9/15). For the project related to this artist, we will be doing a drawing called "Roll-a-Picasso-Face". This project will be due on Friday (9/15)

    Art 1 - This week we will begin by talking about composition and line - specifically "Zentangles"! We will be completing a project called "Bad Hair Day" and create 20 different zentangle designs on the project. See attached presentation for all the specifics. Bad Hair Day will be due next week - probably on Wednesday (9/20)

    Advanced Art - We are still working on our first project "inside my head". With the great work that is happening in here, I am looking at having these due at the beginning of the hour on Monday (9/18). That way if you don't finish them up this week, you can work on them over the weekend at home.

  • September 18th September 22nd

    Full week this week, but I will be gone Tuesday afternoon for a dentist appointment.

    Art 7/8 - Cut paper Picasso design is due Monday, and we will get a new seating chart and start a new artist on Monday as well. Word Search for Wassily Kandinsky will be due on Wednesday, and the quiz will be on Friday. We will be doing watercolor resist painting for a project.

    Art 1 will begin a unit on Color on Wednesday and learn about color mixing and the color wheel. We will finish this week with a progress check on (final paper started) Friday and work on a creative color wheel into next week.

    Advanced Art - Fall is in the air, and we will be celebrating fall as our theme for our watercolor resist paintings - sketch progress check preliminary ideas on Wednesday and on final paper Monday (9/25)

  • September 25th - September 29th

    We are in Week 4 of the school year already- who'd have thunk it! We have a busy week this week, and next week I will be gone on Monday AND Friday! Uffda!!

    Art 7/8 - We are starting the week with finishing our Kandinsky watercolor paintings. I think they are turning out AWESOME! This is the first time I have done this assignment with students, and I am happy with how things are turning out. These are due on Tuesday, off the board and handed in. On Tuesday, we will also begin our new artist Katsushika Hokusai. We will be watching a short video about him and getting a print biography as well. The worksheet will be due on Friday - the same day as the quiz! We will be creating prints of this artist using ink and a printing block!

    Art 1 is working on your creative color wheels still. These are due on Monday (10/2)

    Advanced Art - Watercolor with resist is still on deck for this week. Make sure you are using the requirements that were given (handout is on the board). This will be due on Monday 10/2

    • October 2nd - October 6th

      Crazy busy week with homecoming and spirit week this week. There are a lot of people gone this week too for things like youth frontiers and blood drive. Plus, I am gone Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday! We will try to keep things simple in the art room for the sub!

      Art 7/8 - We learned about carving our Hokusai printing mats, and Monday we are going to learn how to print them! You will be required to make 4 prints (well, you will make many, but choose your 4 best). 2 have to be single color, one has to be 2 colors, and one is artist's choice. On Thursday, you will learn how to matt your favorite one and hand them in by Friday.

      Art 1 - We started grid drawing! The first assignment is the measuring worksheet, then the cartoon grid. Next week, we will be doing our "positive family" grid drawings, and then a large self-portrait.  The measuring worksheet is due Wednesday (10/4)  and your cartoon character is due drawn and colored Monday (10/9) at the BEGINNING of the hour. Remember your positive family picture has to be brought in or printed by Tuesday 10/10

      Advanced Art - CHARCOAL! Monday we start with bones - that will be due on Monday as well, then you will create a large charcoal drawing from the choices given" 1) HighContrast Face  2) Personal Still-Life  3) Abstract Non-objective with volume. Idea/plan is due Tuesday 10/10

    • October 9th - October 13th

      Monday morning is going to be a screwed up day with the Career Fair being held at our school. Hours 1-3 are messed up because rooms are being used for the presenters. Tuesday - Friday should be normal.

      Art 7/8 - Monday we will be watching a video about Vincent Van Gogh and doing a worksheet that goes along with the video. those that were absent can follow this link and watch the video and do the worksheet. We will be starting the project in the style of Van Gogh on Tuesday - this project will deal with Texture. Biography quiz will be on Friday.

      Art 1 - We are working on the Positive Family grid drawings this week. Find a picture by Tuesday to draw for your final project either by bringing one from home, finding one in a magazine, or print one off the internet. 10 point progress check to those that have their photos by Tuesday to start class. These pictures will be due on Monday. We are only using regular pencil and shading to create these pictures. We will also be taking photos for the next project - Large self-portraits in the style of Chuck Close.

      Advanced Art - Charcoal bones are due on Monday. Spray them please before turning them in. Large final projects need to be chosen (plan/idea sketch) and shown by Tuesday 10/10. We will be working on the charcoal drawings for the rest of the week. Due date will be set later in the week.

    • October 23rd - October 27th

      Full week this week - and it will be busy!

      Art 7/8 - Monday we will start a new artist: Georges Seurat! His big thing was pointillism and mixing colors optically. Word searches are due on Wednesday (10/25) and the quiz on the biography is on Thursday (10/26). Tuesday, you will pick your picture, draw it on final paper and start your marker pointillism. These will be due next week

      Art 1 - Monday we start our grids on the big paper. We are enlarging the pictures 6x, so we need to do a 3" grid on the large paper. Remember to draw REALLY lightly because we will be erasing the grid! All the pencil work needs to be done by Monday (10/30).

      Advanced Art - Monday starts CLAY! We will be using this week to craft our "Clay- it's what's for dinner" assignment. All wet clay work needs to be completed by Friday 10/27. Remember, everyone was supposed to come in this week ready to construct!

    • October 30th - November 3rd

      This week we have a full week, but next week will be really short. We will be pretty busy for the next 2 weeks!!!!

      Art 7/8 - Starting a new project this week and a new artist - Rex Ray. We will be working with collage, painted papers, and organic shapes to create abstract shapes and explore negative shapes and abstract designs. Painted papers will be created Tuesday and Wednesday, and the collage process will be done Thursday and Friday. Final touches will be done on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, with the project due on Wednesday, November 8th.

      Art 1 - Monday, we learn how to color our large Chuck Close style portraits. Oil pastels will be used to create the skin tones, hair colors, eye colors, and clothing colors. Oil pastels are very blendable and we will use them to give the portraits a more realistic look. We will be coloring all week.

      Advanced Art - This week we will be waiting for our clay to dry and be fired, so we are going to fill in with a fun but challenging project. Monday and Tuesday we will be creating marbled papers using shaving cream and watercolor paints. Once those papers dry (usually overnight), we will be looking at the papers to see what we can find in the shapes that were created by the marbling and draw into these colored areas to create recognizable forms using micro-fine pens. We will be glazing next week.

    • November 6th - November 10th

      Short week this week! No school on Monday, or Friday and only a half day on Thursday! Don't forget to tell your parents about conferences Thursday and Friday. I will not be at conferences, but they can email me to set up a time to meet me if they wish.

      Art 7/8 - Finish Rex Ray and watch Willy Wonka

      Art 1 - Finish Chuck Close portraits (due Wednesday) and watch Willy Wonka

      Adv. Art - Finish up the marbled paper and start glazing

      • November 13th - November 17th

        Back to normal - kind of! We have the Veterans program on Monday, so some of the morning hours are a little screwy!

        Art 7/8 - Finish Willy Wonka, and get the clay term worksheet on Monday (due Tuesday), then watch the power point on Clay Tuesday and get the word search (due Thursday). We will start working with actual clay on Wednesday.

        Art 1 - Mini feast for the eyes will be the new assignment, Sketches will be due on Wednesday

        Adv Art - Glaze needs to be finished this week. We will also be watching a video on Wednesday about the artist Rex Ray for our next assignment.

      • November 20th - November 22nd

        Short week- Only 3 days!!!

        Art 7/8 - Rattles are done and drying, so now we start whistles. We will be working together this week to make your whistle work, then add parts to make it an animal. These need to be done next week by Wednesday!

        Art 1 - We finished up our Mini feast, and now we will be starting personal Mandalas. These mandalas will be created with colored pencils on paper and work with radial symmetry and personal identity. See the powerpoint below for full explanation.

        Adv Art - Rex Ray is our man of the week. We will be working on our collages until the end of next week.

      • November 27th - December 1

        Welcome back! I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving break. We actually have a full week of school this week, but I am gone on Friday for a personal day.

        Art 7/8 - we start the week finishing up the whistles, and the rattles go into the kiln to be fired. Wednesday we will have a demo on making the vases using coil and slab construction. Once all the ceramics pieces are constructed, we will begin glazing them. This project will be completed in a couple of weeks.

        Art 1 - Personal Mandalas - By Monday you should have a list of 5 things of significant importance to you to go into your personal mandala. You should also have a way/sketch of how to represent these ideas. We will begin our sketches this week to transfer to the final paper.

        Advanced Art - Rex Ray will be the guy of the week again. We are going to have this project due on Friday, Dec 1st. If you finish before that, you can work on re-glazing your meal.

        • December 4th - December 8th

          Midterm Quarter 2 is this week on Wednesday, so we will have an eligibility check. Make sure all missing work is turned in!

          Art 7/8 - Last day for wet clay is Wednesday. All clay projects must be completed by that day. Whistles and Rattles are fired and we will begin glazing on Thursday.

          Art 1 - Progress check on Monday at the beginning of the hour for your personal Mandalas. Coloring must be started. This progress check is worth 10 points. The project will be due on Thursday, 12/7 colored completely, and Friday you will have an Artist statement due TYPED and PRINTED about your mandala.

          Advanced Art - Monday is the last day to work on your Rex Ray collage. Any final touches can be done with the paint pens. They are due at the end of the hour. Monday we will also be getting our next project "Recycled Christmas"

        • December 11th - December 15th

          10 more days until Christmas break! 2017 is quickly coming to a close!

          This week will be busy! 

          Art 7/8 - We will be finishing with our ceramics projects this week with our glazing. All projects must be glazed by Wednesday, 12/13. As they are finished, I will be firing them. once they are all done, they will be graded and you will be able to take them home before Christmas. (I bet you could even use them as gifts for a special someone!)

          Art 1 - Holiday Shopping bags are whats going on during 4th and 5th hours. Worksheet completed and colored will be the progress check on Wednesday 12/13. I will demonstrate how to create the bags on Monday (12/11) so those of you who are ready can keep on working. Bags will be due Wednesday 12/20

          Advanced Art - Recycled Christmas tree, wreath, or snowflakes are still being constructed. These are due on Friday, 12/15. Make sure you are looking for some kind of container to create your candles in next week- we will be doing that all next week.

          • December 19th - December 22nd

            This will be a good week in the art room!

            Art 7/8 - clay projects will be graded and sent home on Monday, so they are ready to go under the Christmas tree! Tuesday - Thursday we will be watching Bob Ross videos with a little quiz at the end of each one. Friday, we DO have school and we will be playing Christmas Pictionary for fun art prizes

            Art 1 - Shopping bags are due on Wednesday, including the worksheet inside the bag. Thursday and Friday, we will be watching a movie

            Advanced Art - Candles are in order for all week. This will be a participation grade, not a completion grade. You don't participate? You get a poor grade... Make some gifts for family or friends!! Please bring some containers.

            • January 2nd - January 5th

              Welcome back! This week will be pretty busy, with the end of the semester coming up quickly! I will be gone Thursday this week for the Creativity Festival in Bemidji.

              Art 7/8 - we only have 2 weeks left of this class! We will be working on our Bob Ross style landscape paintings and they will be due next week. We will get the drawing done and start the painting process, but will have a study hall day on Thursday when I am gone. 

              Art 1 - Scribble line drawing. To get back into the artistic swing of things this week after break, we will be doing a simple line drawing exercise. Use your imagination to create images inside the spaces created. This will be due on Friday 1/5

              Advanced Art - Draw a memory- Draw me a well thought out rendering of your favorite memory over Christmas break. This can be done in pencil, colored pencil, or pen and ink on 9x12 paper. This is due Friday 1/5

              • January 8th - January 12th

                LAST WEEK OF THE SEMESTER!!! Any missing work will turn into a permanent zero on FRIDAY

                Art 7/8 - Bob Ross Style landscapes. These need to be done this week as you will not have this class next week!!! You will be graded on what you have done - even for excused absences. Get your stuff done!

                Art 1 - Monster Mugs - Design sheets are due on Wednesday for a graded progress check (10 points) and you cannot start the clay project without having it completed. Demo on Tuesday of how to create the mugs.

                Adv. Art - Low Poly Geometric Animals. Get your pictures printed

              • January 16th - January 19th

                Welcome to semester 2! We have 2 new groups of kids in the art room this semester hours 1 and 2. 

                Art 7/8 - This week we will start off with rules, the syllabus, making folders, and completing an "All about Me" worksheet. The worksheet is due on Friday 1/19

                Art 1 - Last day for wet clay is Tuesday. That means your construction has to be complete so your mug can dry out. We will be glazing starting next Monday after the projects are fired. In the meantime, we will be working on a Google Doodle contest project about "What Inspires Me"

                Advanced Art - We are working on our geometric animals this week. I would like them complete by Friday (cut out and mounted on a clean piece of coordinating construction paper to hand in)

                • January 22nd - January 26th

                  We have a great week planned out for the art room! This is what is in store

                  Art 7/8 - Picasso is the artist, and today we begin our first project! We will be creating a cut paper collage portrait in the style of Picasso! Monday will be the demonstration, and We will have a few days to work on it. Don't forget that Monday the word search is due, and Tuesday is the Picasso 5 point quiz on the biography.

                  Art 1 - We will start the week by working on our Doodle 4 Google assignment (Due Tuesday 1/23) and then finish our week with GLAZING our mugs! Mugs need to be finished by Friday so they can go back into the kiln for the final firing. Pop party next week!

                  Adv. Art - Monday we will start building our canvases for the painting project. Progress check Wednesday on finished canvas structure. Then we will have quite a bit of time to paint - just use your class time wisely!

                • January 29th - February 2nd

                  Art 7/8 will continue on with our Kandinsky projects. The word search is due on Monday and the 5 point quiz will be on Tuesday. On Monday, we will also begin our drawings to transfer to final paper. See the attached assignment sheet for specifics. We will transfer our designs using graphite paper. Once transferred, we will outline the items with either white glue or black glue, then watercolor. Everyone should be painting by Thursday.

                  Art 1 - Monday, we start our STEAM project! See the presentation below. The last slide was printed and handed out to you as an assignment sheet with all of the requirements on it. Google doc is due by Friday shared to me - make sure it has all of the information! We will be working on this project for a few weeks.

                  Advanced Art - Stretched canvas paintings are still in progress. Everyone must be painting by Tuesday for a graded progress check. I would like these done/due by Monday unless you come talk to me about an extension. Friday we will start Thing-A-Day! See the presentation, and you can get your paper from me!

                • February 5th - February 9th

                  This will be a busy week this week! Don't forget to dress up for WINTERFEST! Pepfest Friday!!

                  Art 7/8 - new artist: Hokusai! Monday get the biography and word search - due Wednesday with the quiz that day as well. Draw Mt. Fuji, transfer and carve our soft cut linomats. We will be printing next week.

                  Art 1 - We are still working with STEAM! Construction week on our projects this week. Learn about tent cards and make those. Project due next Tuesday.

                  Advanced Art - Finish up our paintings! These will be due on Friday. They look great so far - keep up the good work!

                  • February 12th - February 16th

                    This week should be a little more tame. Don't forget to support our teams as the seasons are coming to a close. Girl's hockey playoff games on Tuesday and maybe Friday!

                    Art 7/8 - Carve and print this week. Demo on what you need to know for printing will be on Monday. Thursday, you will learn how to mat your prints and they are due on Friday!

                    Art 1 - STEAM due Tuesday, and Jim Dine presentation on Wednesday. Pick out your symbol and get it on canvas by Friday. Painting progress check next Monday

                    Adv. Art - Mosaic Hearts (or your symbol of love). Learn the basics of Mosaic art and create your design, Grout demo on Friday.

                    • February 19th - 21st

                      Midterm Wednesday and parent-teacher conferences on Thursday/Friday. Make sure all your stuff is in by Wednesday!

                      Art 7/8 - Watch Van Gogh video and complete the video worksheet and word search. Start drawing Starry Night or Sunflowers Wednesday.

                      Art 1 - Painting symbolic Jim Dine style paintings. The are due (with artist statement) on Wednesday 2/28 at the BEGINNING of the hour.

                      Advanced Art - Finish Mosaics. Due Wednesday 2/21

                      • February 26th - March 2nd

                        Full week  - uffda! At least the weather is supposed to be nice!

                        Art 7/8 - Working with Van Gogh still. Learn how to transfer the drawing to the board, put on the modeling paste (aka GOOP) and learn how to paint it. Painting demo will be on Wednesday, and we will have until early next week to get these painted.

                        Art 1 - Symbolic paintings are due on Wednesday at the beginning of the hour. Wednesday, we will start our Fins or Feathers assignment (see powerpoint) First progress check is Friday - must have armature started.

                        Adv Art - Grafitti Art! learn about the fine art of tagging, and make your own word on a canvas sheet. See handouts attached.

                      • March 5th - March 7th

                        Short week, with a lot going on! Work hard and enjoy spring break!

                        Art 7/8 - Finish Van Gogh paintings and start Georges Seurat. Watch youtube video and get worksheets (attached) Quiz Tuesday 3/13

                        Art 1 - Paper Mache. All layers of Papier Mache are due on Tuesday 3/13 (graded progress check)

                        Adv Art - Grafitti Art - Continue working. Due Wed 3/14

                      • March 12th - March 16

                        This week will be busy! Congrats to the girl's Basketball team on their return trip to STATE!!! Make sure to keep up with work if you are going to watch or play!

                        Art 7/8 - Seurat. Monday, watch the power point and start our drawings for our pointillism. These are due Monday at the beginning of the hour.

                        Art 1  - Papier Mache fins and feathers. Progress check Tuesday at the end of the hour - all papier mache layers are due. Paint and hand in Monday

                        Adv. Art - Grafitti art due Wednesday. Next, surrealist papier mache project. Drawing check on Friday

                      • March 19th - 23rd

                        All kinds of new stuff going on in the art room this week! HS Choir is gone Monday - Wednesday.

                        Art 7/8 - New Artist: Rex Ray! Painted paper collages are the activity for the week, and don't forget you have to turn in your "quiz" by sharing it with me by Friday. Tuesday and Wednesday we will be creating painted papers to use for our collages, and working on that for the rest of the week.

                        Art 1 - Op Art. Worksheets are due turned in completed by Thursday (in the basket, please) and we will learn how to create the cube on Tuesday. make sure all 6 of your designs are different!

                        Advanced Art - Last week for Think-a-day paintings (due Friday). Surrealist head/hand sculpture will be worked on throughout the week. Not sure on the due date yet, as long as you are working, date will not be set yet.

                      • March 26th - March 28th

                        Short week for Easter break - Lots of stuff to get done!

                        Art 7/8 - Finishing up our Rex Ray unit. Collage project is due on Wednesday with paint pen details complete. When we get back after the break, we will be starting CLAY!!!!

                        Art 1 - Op Art cubes - We will be having our next progress check on our cubes on Wednesday (3/28). Your cube must be half done (either all sides penciled but not the marker, or 3 sides all complete). The project will be due next week.

                        Adv. Art - Surrealist heads/hands. Working this week, due next week. Do your best. Consider what you want to enter into the visual art festival. It is April 11th!