Topic outline

  • Unit 1: Scientific Method and the Essentials

    Unit 1: The Scientific Method




    Day 1 Sep. 3                         Introductions, Syllabus, Getting to know one another



    Day 2 Sep. 4                         What is the scientific Method? (Make your own notes)

                                                    Homework: Describe a problem and solve it


    Day 3 Sep. 5                         Don’t make Assumptions (Inference versus observation)



    Day 4 Sep. 6                         Convey the Message (Conclusion, discussion)

                                                    Homework: Getting out your Message

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    Unit 5: Animal Introduction

    Not available
  • Unit 11: Macroevolution and Speciation

    Day 1            Brief History of Life Discussion, Brief History of Life Practice Sheet

                                        Preparation: Read Section 17.5 (Main Idea)



    Day 2          Evolution Introduction” Reading, A Day of Life’s History” ReadingEVO TEN Video

                                        Preparation: -



    Day 3       History of Life Flowchart Lab

                                       Preparation: Evidence for Macroevolution Notes



    Day 4           Evidence for Macroevolution Discussion, Evidence of Macroevolution Practice Sheet

                                        Preparation: Read Sections 16.2 (Main Idea)



    Day 5               Bill Bryson’s “Life in Fossils” ReadingDavid Epstein’s “Evolution of Sports

                                        Preparation: Read Section 16.4 (Main Idea)



    Day 6            Models of Speciation Notes, Section 15.1 Reading (Main Idea), Practice Sheet

                                        Preparation: STUDY!



    Day 7             Test, Homework Turn-in

                                        Preparation: -           



    Day 8  Feb. 8              Test Review and Corrections

                                        Preparation: History of Evolutionary Theory Notes