Weekly outline

  • American History II

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    Who Gets to Write the History Books???

    American History II
    Semester II
    Reconstruction to Present

    Mrs. Katie Hedlund



  • Holocaust


    Friday, March 22: Holocaust Survivors pages 1-29

    Monday, March 25: Survivors quiz #1, Read 30-50, Mr Urness ACT

    Tuesday, March 26: Survivors quiz #2, Intro to Holocaust, Read 51-69

    Wednesday, March 27: Auschwitz: Inside the Factories of Death

    Thursday, March 28: Survivors quiz #3, Finish Auschwitz, Auschwitz readings/questions assignment due Monday, Survivors book read 70-98 for Friday

    Friday, March 29: Survivors quiz #4, Read 99-124, Finish U-571

    Monday, April 1: Survivors quiz #5, Ghettos, Read 125-151

    Tuesday, April 2: ACT

    Wednesday, April 3: Survivors Quiz #6, Read 152-169, Children of the Holocaust

    Thursday, April 4: Survivors Quiz #7, Read 170-194, Notebook Extra

    Friday, April 5: Survivors Quiz #8, Bystanders, Collaborators, Perpetrators 

  • Chapter 27 The Cold War

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    Monday, April 8 - Cold War Notes, Cold War map activity

    Tuesday, April 9 - What Happened to Holocaust Victim Notebook Extra

    Wednesday, April 10 - McCarthyism, Origins of Cold War, Berlin Infographic

    Thursday, April 11 - Cold War Primary Sources

  • 1960s Chapter 27 & 28

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    Friday, April 12: In The White Man's Image - American Indian Relocation and Termination

    Monday, April 15: American Indian Relocation and Termination

    Tuesday, April 16: Cuban Missile Crisis

    Wednesday, April 17: JFK Administration

    Thursday, April 18: Setting the Stage for Civil Rights

    Friday, April 19: No School

    Monday, April 22: No School

    Tuesday, April 23: Setting the Stage for Civil Rights 1940s & 1950s

    Wednesday, April 24: JFK: A Presidency Revealed

    Thursday, April 25: 1960s Music

    Friday, April 26: Catch up day most gone

    Monday, April 29: JFK Assassination Inquiry, 1968 notebook extra

    Tuesday, April 30: LBJ Great Society Notes, Triumph and tragedy, Stanford Primary Sources

    Wednesday, May 1: Notes 8-16, Civil Rights

    Thursday, May 2: 1968 video with guide

    Friday, May 3: 1968 video with guide

    Monday, May 6: Civil Rights Slide Project

    Tuesday, May 7: Present slide

  • Chapter 29 & 30

    The Turbulent Sixties and the Crisis of Authority

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    Wednesday, May 6: CCR requirement

    Thursday, May 7: Origins of Vietnam

    Friday, May 8: Who served and didn't serve and why?

    Monday, May 13: Gulf of Tonkin, Who was Responsible

    Tuesday, May 14: LBJ & Vietnam

    Wednesday, May 15: What Happened at Mai Lai?

    Thursday, May 16: Things Fall Apart, Study Guide

    Friday, May 17: Nixon 1968

    Monday, May 20: Pentagon Papers

    Tuesday, May 21: Watergate

    Wednesday, May 22: Watergate: The Final Report

    Thursday, May 23: Test Review/Essays/Notebook extras

    Friday, May 24: Test Review/Essays/notebook extras

    Tuesday, May 28: Quarter 4 Test

    Wednesday, May 29: Cold War Dinner Party

    Thursday, May 30: 3rd hour device turn in/American History Trivia