Weekly outline

  • April 29 - May 3

    Monday: Analyze Student Loan Repayment

    Tuesday: Interactive: How Much Salary Do you Need to Buy a House in a Given City?

    Wednesday: Living on One Dollar a Day

    Thursday: Better to Rent or Own?

    Friday: Can You Make it as an Uber Driver?

    • May 6-10

      Monday: Ch 12 videos, benefits of charitable giving

      Tuesday: video 4.1, exploring areas of need in your community

      Wednesday: Ch 12 money in review, research charitable org

      Thursday: Ch 12 Test

      Friday: PF games

      • May 13-17

        Monday: Spent

        Tuesday: Post-Test

        Wednesday: PF TED videos

        Thursday: In Debt We Trust documentary

        Friday: In Debt We Trust documentary

        • May 20-24

          Monday: The Payoff

          Tuesday: Financial Pitfalls: Lottery

          Wednesday: Catch-up day/PF Game/Senior makeups

          Thursday: Financial Pitfalls: Bankruptcy

          Friday: Finish Bankruptcy