Weekly outline

  • January 14-17

    Monday: CC Offers and register for PF lab passive game, teams for Concordia Challenge

    Tuesday: Career v College project - explanation get started

    Wednesday: Project - majors/menu/4 colleges that meet criteria

    Thursday: project - research/total comparison

    Friday: no school

  • January 21-25

    Monday: Finish Project

    Tuesday: Career v College Project Due, Budget Challenge set up, Concordia Challenge open

    Wednesday: Budget Challenge/pick vendors

    Thursday: Budget Challenge Week 1 pitstop/pre-survey/pre-quiz

    Friday: Chapter 6 videos, 0% down, PF lab and Concordia Challenge 

    • January 28 - February 1

      Monday: Chapter 6 video, Impact of Daily Decisions

      Tuesday: Budget Challenge finalize vendors, update Cash flow

      Wednesday: last chance for vendors, Chapter 6 video, opportunity cost, money in review - moved to Friday

      Thursday: BC Starts, Pitstop #2, Bills/quizzes open

      Friday: Chapter 6 Test, Budget Challenge time - Moved to Monday

      • February 4-8

        Monday: Chapter 6 Test/budget challenge time

        Tuesday: Ch 7 videos, Food for Thought, Computing Discounts

        Wednesday: Ch 7 videos, 7 basics of negotiating - LAST CHANCE for week 1 quizzes and surveys

        Thursday: 4th hour Ch 7 video 3.1, Double Discount, Money in Review/6th hour pep fest

        Friday: Pitstop 3 & 4, 6th hour also double discount and money in review

        • February 11-14

          Monday, February 11: Ch 7 Test, Budget Challenge/Concordia Challenge Time

          Tuesday, February 12: Ch 9 videos, Auto Liability Accounts

          Wednesday, February 13: Ch 9 video 2.3, Healthplan overview

          Thursday, February 14: Ch 9 video 2.4, Which Insurance plan is needed?, Budget Challenge Time

          Friday, February 15: No School

          • February 19-22

            Tuesday: Health Plan Choices, Budget Challenge Time

            Wednesday: video 3.1, What's With the Will?

            Thursday: video 4.1, Phishing IQ, Ch 9 money in review

            Friday: Chapter 9 Test, Budget Challenge with a partner