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  • General

    • Welcome to Earth Science. On this site you¬†will be able to find the course syllabus, class rules, weekly schedules, notes, assignments, and any other information that is pertinent for the classroom. I hope you have a great year and I can't wait to meet you.

  • Unit 3: Weather

    Earth Science

    Unit 3: Weather

    Textbook: Chapter 16

    Day 1 Oct. 2        Weather Log update, Latin and Greek, Movie: Eyewitness Weather (25 minutes)  

                                    Homework: Sketch-to-stretch 16.1


    Day 2 Oct. 3       Notes: Ch. 16.1 Part I: Water in the Air

                                    Homework: Ch. 16.1 Guided Reading Worksheet


    Day 3 Oct. 4        The Water Cycle DICE Game/Poster (Creation Lab)



    Day 4 Oct. 5      How to Calculate RH Lab (Outdoors)

                                    Homework: Finish Lab Report


    Day 5 Oct. 6      Notes: 16.1 Part II: Clouds- Cloud Demo (How to make a cloud)

                                    Homework: Cloud Identification Worksheet


    Day 6 Oct. 9      Notes: 16.2 & 16.3: Fronts and Extreme Weather Associated with them

                                    Homework: Ch. 16.2 & 16.3 Guided Reading Worksheet


    Day 7 Oct. 10     Hurricane Tracking Lab (Betsy and Doria)             



    Day 8 Oct. 11      Notes: Ch. 16.4: Weather Stations

                                    Homework: Weather Station Lab


    Day 9 Oct. 12      Movie: The Day the Big Easy Drowned

                                    Homework: Study for Test


    Day 10 Oct.13    Ch. 16 Test, Ch. 17 Vocab