Weekly outline

  • General

    English 10

    Mrs. Carla Olsen

    Let's all do our best to have a positive, successful, and encouraging year! 

  • Dec. 4 - Dec. 8

    Research DictionaryMonday -- New vocabulary; Speeches                   ***Band concert postponed to Dec. 18***

    Tuesday -- Grammar - review; Speeches

    Wednesday -- Proofreading; Speeches             ***Mid-term***

    Thursday -- Vocabulary review; Speeches (if needed) Finalize research paper topics

    Friday -- Journal; Speeches (if needed); Finalize research paper topics; Research - find data, recording bibliographic information

  • Dec. 11 - Dec. 15

    Monday -- New vocabulary; Research - find data

    Tuesday -- Grammar; Research -- find data

    Wednesday -- Proofread; Research -- find data

    Thursday -- Review vocabulary; Research - find data; begin planning outline

    Friday -- Vocabulary quiz; Research - write thesis statement; Finish outline

  • Dec. 18 - Dec. 22

    Monday -- Vocabulary review - quiz Wednesday; Analyze a research paper; Begin writing the research paper, creating the works cited as you go

    Tuesday -- Vocabulary review - quiz tomorrow; Continue writing the research paper and works cited page

    Wednesday --Journal; Vocabulary quiz; Finish writing the research paper and works cited page

    Thursday -- Proofread the research paper

    Friday -- Make final corrections, print, and hand in the research paper!

                   ***See you on Jan. 2! Enjoy your break!***