Weekly outline

  • Health Unit October 9th-18th

    Assessments & Assignments shown on Skyward for unit

    • Quiz 13.1
    • Quiz 13.2 & 13.3
    • Machine & Unit Test
    • Physical Fitness Packet
    • Activity Choices Packet
    • Chapter 13 Study Guide

    Oct. 9th Monday:   Unit 13 overview.  Go over 13.1 and review questions together in class. (Begin Activity choices packet.) Due Oct. 17th. Packet done with or without partner.  Show video on body weight exercises. 

    Oct. 10th Tuesday:  Components of physical fitness ppt (Reaction Time Fastball Game)http://www.exploratorium.edu/baseball/activities/fastball-reaction.html

    (Work on Activity Choices Packet)  

    Oct. 11th Wednesday:  Quiz 13.1 Quiz. Determining Target Heart Rate and the importance.  Target Heart Rate Formula (This gives a THR “range”)(220-age-RHR) x .6 + RHR = THR  (220-age-RHR) x .8 + RHR = THR .  Section 13.2 #'s 1-5.  Continue to work on Activity Choices Packet

    Oct. 12th Thursday:  Physical Fitness Packet  (STUDY QUESTIONS FOR SECTION 13.2 & 13.3 QUIZ)

    Oct. 13th Friday:  Section 13.2 & 13.3 Quiz  (Finish up Physical Fitness Packet).  Begin Chapter 13 Study Guide.

    Oct. 16th Monday:  Muscle Identification.  Fitness Center Machine PPT overview. Fitness Center Machine Study Guide.  Chapter 13 Study Guide

    Oct. 17th Tuesday: Fitness Center PPT Machine Muscle being worked QUIZ. Chapter 13 Test   

    Oct. 18th Wednesday:  Unit recap (sports science in action)