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  • General

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    Roseau High School
    Computer Applications

    Mrs. Katie Hedlund

    This class is a hybrid class involving 2 days each week in the classroom and the remaining work students are required to complete outside of the classroom on their own time.

    In Computer Applications students will learn the detailed use of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and iMovie. We also dive into Google Drive learning Docs, Sheets, and Presentation. As well as doing weekly Coding assignments.

  • Week 15

    December 11-15 - In class Monday & Wednesday

    Share Week 14 Google Slides Assignments

    • Google Slides Comics
    • Google Forms 4.1-4.3
    • No Discussion Board
  • Week 16

    December 18-22 - In class Monday & Wednesday

    Share Week 15 Assignments

    • Google Forms Choose Your Own Adventure Story
    • No Discussion Board

  • Week 17

    January 2-5 - In class TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY

    Google Drawings - 5.1-5.4

    No Discussion Board



    • Week 18

      January 8-12 - In Class Monday & Wednesday

      Share Google Drawings by Midnight, January 8


      2 TED videos with Doc & TED viewing sheets

      Tagxedo - 1 self pic, 1 of company

      Google Story Builder

      ALL WEEK 18 ITEMS - DUE FRIDAY!!!! - End of Quarter!