Weekly outline

  • September 5th- September 8th

    Welcome Back! Rules and Folders are the first order of business in the art room. Everybody gets a syllabus and makes a folder to keep their stuff in. If you need help, let me know! The first week is about getting back into the swing of school, so easy first assignments.

    Art 7/8 - Name design will be due on Monday (9/11). Name in bubble letters filled with designs, and the background filled with drawings of 10 things you like or enjoy doing. Please make your list on the back, so I know what your 10 items are! Make it colorful and creative!!

    Art 1 - We are going to do the same as the Art 7/8 class. Name design assignment listed below. Due Monday (9/11)

    Advanced Art - outline of the shadow of your head, filled with your thoughts rattleing around in your skull. Give me at least 10 ideas/thoughts in a creative way fitting into the outline of your heads shadow. No due date yet!

  • September 11th - September 15th

    The first full week in the art room! We will be busy making some ART this week!!!

    Art 7/8 - We begin our quarter with an artist that almost everybody has heard of - Pablo Picasso! He was a very interesting man who drew/painted some pretty wacky looking people! Biography's and word searches were handed out on Monday and the word searches are due on Wednesday (9/13). Quiz on his biography is on Friday (9/15). For the project related to this artist, we will be doing a drawing called "Roll-a-Picasso-Face". This project will be due on Friday (9/15)

    Art 1 - This week we will begin by talking about composition and line - specifically "Zentangles"! We will be completing a project called "Bad Hair Day" and create 20 different zentangle designs on the project. See attached presentation for all the specifics. Bad Hair Day will be due next week - probably on Wednesday (9/20)

    Advanced Art - We are still working on our first project "inside my head". With the great work that is happening in here, I am looking at having these due at the beginning of the hour on Monday (9/18). That way if you don't finish them up this week, you can work on them over the weekend at home.

  • September 18th September 22nd

    Full week this week, but I will be gone Tuesday afternoon for a dentist appointment.

    Art 7/8 - Cut paper Picasso design is due Monday, and we will get a new seating chart and start a new artist on Monday as well. Word Search for Wassily Kandinsky will be due on Wednesday, and the quiz will be on Friday. We will be doing watercolor resist painting for a project.

    Art 1 will begin a unit on Color on Wednesday and learn about color mixing and the color wheel. We will finish this week with a progress check on (final paper started) Friday and work on a creative color wheel into next week.

    Advanced Art - Fall is in the air, and we will be celebrating fall as our theme for our watercolor resist paintings - sketch progress check preliminary ideas on Wednesday and on final paper Monday (9/25)

  • September 25th - September 29th

    We are in Week 4 of the school year already- who'd have thunk it! We have a busy week this week, and next week I will be gone on Monday AND Friday! Uffda!!

    Art 7/8 - We are starting the week with finishing our Kandinsky watercolor paintings. I think they are turning out AWESOME! This is the first time I have done this assignment with students, and I am happy with how things are turning out. These are due on Tuesday, off the board and handed in. On Tuesday, we will also begin our new artist Katsushika Hokusai. We will be watching a short video about him and getting a print biography as well. The worksheet will be due on Friday - the same day as the quiz! We will be creating prints of this artist using ink and a printing block!

    Art 1 is working on your creative color wheels still. These are due on Monday (10/2)

    Advanced Art - Watercolor with resist is still on deck for this week. Make sure you are using the requirements that were given (handout is on the board). This will be due on Monday 10/2

    • October 2nd - October 6th

      Crazy busy week with homecoming and spirit week this week. There are a lot of people gone this week too for things like youth frontiers and blood drive. Plus, I am gone Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday! We will try to keep things simple in the art room for the sub!

      Art 7/8 - We learned about carving our Hokusai printing mats, and Monday we are going to learn how to print them! You will be required to make 4 prints (well, you will make many, but choose your 4 best). 2 have to be single color, one has to be 2 colors, and one is artist's choice. On Thursday, you will learn how to matt your favorite one and hand them in by Friday.

      Art 1 - We started grid drawing! The first assignment is the measuring worksheet, then the cartoon grid. Next week, we will be doing our "positive family" grid drawings, and then a large self-portrait.  The measuring worksheet is due Wednesday (10/4)  and your cartoon character is due drawn and colored Monday (10/9) at the BEGINNING of the hour. Remember your positive family picture has to be brought in or printed by Tuesday 10/10

      Advanced Art - CHARCOAL! Monday we start with bones - that will be due on Monday as well, then you will create a large charcoal drawing from the choices given" 1) HighContrast Face  2) Personal Still-Life  3) Abstract Non-objective with volume. Idea/plan is due Tuesday 10/10

    • October 9th - October 13th

      Monday morning is going to be a screwed up day with the Career Fair being held at our school. Hours 1-3 are messed up because rooms are being used for the presenters. Tuesday - Friday should be normal.

      Art 7/8 - Monday we will be watching a video about Vincent Van Gogh and doing a worksheet that goes along with the video. those that were absent can follow this link and watch the video and do the worksheet. We will be starting the project in the style of Van Gogh on Tuesday - this project will deal with Texture. Biography quiz will be on Friday.

      Art 1 - We are working on the Positive Family grid drawings this week. Find a picture by Tuesday to draw for your final project either by bringing one from home, finding one in a magazine, or print one off the internet. 10 point progress check to those that have their photos by Tuesday to start class. These pictures will be due on Monday. We are only using regular pencil and shading to create these pictures. We will also be taking photos for the next project - Large self-portraits in the style of Chuck Close.

      Advanced Art - Charcoal bones are due on Monday. Spray them please before turning them in. Large final projects need to be chosen (plan/idea sketch) and shown by Tuesday 10/10. We will be working on the charcoal drawings for the rest of the week. Due date will be set later in the week.

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