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  • Advanced Biology I

    Welcome to Advanced Biology I. I hope you have a great year and to help with that this site has some amazing stuff. You can find notes, assignments, labs, ACT questions, ACT study guides, and anything else that is pertinent to the classroom. I can't wait to meet everyone and hope you have the best learning experience of your high school career!

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  • Unit 5: Cell Transport

    Day 1  Nov. 30           Plasma Membrane Notes

                                        Homework: 7.2 Practice Sheet, 7.2 Paragraphing


    Day 2 Dec. 1             Diffusion and Osmosis Notes

                                      Homework: 7.4 Practice Sheet, 7.4 Paragraphing


    Day 3  Dec. 4              Glencoe Osmosis Lab: 3 Cell Types, Crashcourse: Passive Transport (Youtube)

                                        Homework: Finish Lab write-up


    Day 4  Dec. 5              Snow Day              

    Day 5  Dec. 6 .           Potato Osmosis Lab ( 3 Day Lab)



    Day 6  Dec. 7              Data Collection Potato Osmosis Lab, Active Transport Notes

                                        Homework: Active Transport Practice Sheet, Study!!!


    Day 7 Dec. 8              Ch. 7.2 & 7.4 Test, Ch. 8 Vocab, Lab Report: Potato Osmosis Lab



    Day 8 Dec. 11               Ch. 7.2 and 7.4 Test Corrections


  • Unit 6: Cell Energy

    Advanced Biology I Unit Outline

    Unit 6: Cell Energy

    Textbook Ch.8   


    Day 1  Dec. 12            Energy Notes

                                        Homework: Practice Sheet 8.1 Energy, 8.1 Paragraphing



    Day 2  Dec. 13            Photosynthesis Notes

                                        Homework: Photosynthesis Practice Sheet, 8.2 Paragraphing



    Day 3  Dec. 14            Photosynthesis and Light Mini-Lab

                                        Homework: Catch up on any missing work



    Day 4  Dec. 15            Respiration Notes

                                        Homework: Respiration Practice Sheet



    Day 5  Dec. 18            Sugar Concentration and Yeast Lab

                                        Homework: Catch up on any missing work



    Day 6  Dec. 19            Fermentation Notes, Practice Sheet Fermentation

                                        Homework: Study for Test



    Day 7 Dec. 20             Review

                                        Homework: STUDY!



    Day 8  Dec. 21            Test Ch. 8                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Homework: Ch. 9 Vocab


    Day 9 Dec. 22             Movie: Home Alone